Textiles within ethical sustainability and solidarity

Who are we?

Since 2016, TESS GEIE has brought together European players of the social economy. Our values are the primacy of people, transparency, dialogue, solidarity and respect for the environment and the international law.

TESS GEIE members have become key players in the circular economy in their respective countries. With autonomous control over most of the chain - collection, sorting, local and international sales - TESS members are also working to find the best possible solutions for the recycling market within the European Union.

For an economy that respects people and their environment!

The core purpose of the European Economic Interest Grouping TESS GEIE is to help build an economic alternative that respects people and their environment

Today TESS is composed of European players coming from Belgium, Spain, France and Italy.

TESS aims to give a new lease of life to 100 000 tonnes of clothing, household linen, shoes and leather goods every year.

Our members

Our missions

  • To lead the players of the social and solidarity-based economy to meet the challenges of the textile industry concerning the circularity of resources
  • To ensure an ethical and transparent approach to the recovery of textiles, household linen, shoes and leather goods


  • Ethical marketing of second-hand textiles: reuse and preparation for recycling 
  • Supporting the creation and development of recycling plants in Africa and Latin America
  • Sharing of expertise and know-how the social and solidarity-based economy entreprises
  • Promoting the SOLID’R ethical label