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How to integrate TESS?

Criteria for admission to enter TESS :

To become a member, the applicant must:

  • be a legal entity

  • adhere to the Charter of Social Economy and Solidarity Enterprises active in the recovery of textiles

  • comply with the seven criteria of the European Standing Conference of Cooperatives, Mutual Societies, Associations and Foundations (CEP-CMAF) :

    • the primacy of the individual and the social objective over capital,
      voluntary and open membership

    • democratic control by members (with the exception of foundations, which lack such democratic control)

    • the reconciliation of the interests of members and users on the one hand, and the general interest on the other hand

    • the upholding and application of the principles of solidarity and responsibility

    • autonomy of management and independence from the authorities

    • allocation of the majority of surpluses to the achievement of objectives promoting sustainable development and serving members and the general interest

  • Undertake, within three years, to maintain or develop a sorting activity or transfer the collection right in the manner defined by the General Meeting

  • To have a quantity (defined as « textile stream »  ) of at least 1.500 tons 

  • To have activities in the textile collection / sorting fields based on a guaranteed supply and coming mostly from Social Economy-based actors

  • Pay the membership fees and, when required, pay the admission/entry fee set by the General Meeting. NB: membership fees are calculated according to the size of the member, based on the tonnages handled