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Exports audits


TESS GEIE is deeply concerned about the social impact of economic activities and the preservation of the environment, and since its inception has adopted a strategy to ensure the ethical use of donations.

On a practical level, and in order to encourage good practice, TESS GEIE now offers its members a service of audit of their private based outside Europe. This service makes it possible to :

  • check that exported products are suitable for the market

  • check compliance with social and environmental criteria

  • be a force for change

Contributing to the expertise on the EU regulatory framework


In the context of the European Green Deal, a major renewal of standards is taking place that directly concerns textiles and the many issues and legislation linked to them. In this context, TESS GEIE is making an active contribution at various levels to the expertise required for this normative development, which is so crucial for the future.

TESS members currently collect 71,000 tonnes of textiles a year. They also have the unique characteristic of being both major players in the circular economy applied to textiles (managing to autonomously control most of the chain - collection, sorting, local and international sales) and major players in the social economy, employing a large majority of people in a situation of social reintegration.

Cooperation and exchange of best practices


In the spirit of its charter, TESS GEIE provides the development of cooperation and exchanges of best practices at two levels:   

  • in Europe, particularly within our EEIG itself  

  • around the world, in particular by supporting the creation and development of social economy enterprises 

Social economy certification


The economy of used textile recovery has historically been marked by the action and impact of players in the social economy. 

TESS has joined forces with the Fédération RESSOURCES to develop the Solid'R label. This certification guarantees that a company qualifies as part of the social economy, based on 7 criteria on which all our members are audited.

These criteria are checked by an independent body. Identifiable by its logo, Solid'R helps to guarantee the ethical use of donations.